“Created by the popular travel writing website, Intrepid Times, as part of an international writing competition that saw entries pouring in from across the globe, Fearless Footsteps is travel writing at its best.”

–from the back cover
sci phi Journal—translation

Flash science fiction:

“The book explains the history of the universe and everything in it.

At least, this is what we are told it says.”

Earth Island journal—the bearpocalypse

Poor salmon runs and violent human response to foraging bears led to record number of dead bruins in a small Alaskan town.

Taproot—The Man Who Makes Birds

“This was a kind of seeing I hadn’t known about before–a kind of deep sight.”

Intrepid Times—Wildes Volk

Winner of the Unexpected Adventures Travel Writing Competition

The Dirtbag Diaries—Saving Santa

“…a guest’s eyes widened and he pointed behind me. I spun. Someone was in the river.”

Intrepid Times—Knights on the Mountain

–finalist in the 2020 Chance Encounters Travel Writing Competition

Intrepid Times—Where Are You From? Where Are You Going?

—”I wanted to be anywhere: a burning building, the middle of the ocean, a desert island–anywhere but the inside of that car…”

Travel By The Books—Going Into The Wild

—“You’re not a killer, are you?”

The Dirtbag Diaries—The Swallow and the Anchor

—”fighting mountainous black waves and screaming wind…the smack of spray in the face and the burn of saltwater in my eyes…”

Verge—Hitchhiker’s Guide To Getting A Ride

Ever wanted to try hitchhiking?

Verge—Farm Volunteering: How To Decode The Listings

Guide for prospective farm volunteers

“I am not ready; it is time.”

A Year Without Time (manuscript)